Prices and terms of service B2Bsmm.COM subject to change at any time without prior notice. The current terms and conditions are set out in the description of the services.

We never give guarantees on the speed and timing of the services. All the numbers described in the description are only statistical in nature. When you receive information about the deadlines, you will only know our approximate estimate of the time.

Disclaimer of liability

B2Bsmm.COM It is not responsible for any damage caused to you or your business. During our cheating, Instagram does not apply sanctions to accounts, but if this happens, we will not be held responsible.


The permissible error of execution is -5%.

We guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations for the selected promotion, but we do not guarantee that new subscribers will interact with you or meet any other expectations.

We strive to make the most attractive cheat, but we do not guarantee that 100% of accounts will have an avatar, description and publications.

You agree that you will not add prohibited materials, including any propaganda of violence, pornography, drugs, weapons, calls to suicide or offers to cheat.

During the promotion of most services, we focus on the number of followers, likes, views or comments available on Instagram. Therefore, during the promotion, you should not use any other ways to increase the indicators on this page.

After the launch, the promotion cannot be canceled except for services that have a cancel button.

During the promotion of subscribers, the account must be opened, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the selected promotion.

All the statuses and additional information about orders may be outdated and updated with a delay, you can track the current indicators on the promoted page in Instagram.

We do not provide support and advice on cheating issues. If you do not understand the intricacies of this process, use the services of a specialist or ask questions on the forum.

We reserve the right not to cheat or refund funds if you violate our terms and conditions.

We may refuse to serve you at any time and block your access to the site without giving any reason. If you still have questions or complaints, you can ask them in the "Tickets" section or by using the specified contacts .

Guarantee against debiting subscribers

Any cheating of followers on Instagram has deductions. The amount of these deductions depends on the method of cheating.

If during the warranty period after the end of the cheat, you will be debited and there will be fewer subscribers than the initially planned number, you can request a refund of the pro rata part of the payment or an additional cheat. The guarantee is valid only for debiting subscribers who are charged with the guarantee. Performing a new cheat means the end of the warranty period of the previous cheat on the same page. The guarantee may be denied if you have already charged other subscribers and it is impossible to reliably determine which subscribers were charged.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy and the information you provide seriously. We take measures to protect it and guarantee that personal information will not be transferred to third parties. Except in cases of violation of the law.

The terms are subject to change at any time without notice. Each time you place an order, you agree that you have studied the current terms and conditions and agree to them.